A Country Garden

A traditional countryside garden in spring is a truly magical and delightful sight. Imagine the symphony of birdsong that graces the air from dawn until dusk, creating a soothing backdrop. Amidst this natural orchestra, plants elegantly entwine, their leaves and flowers forming a harmonious blend of deep greens and delicate, softly hued petals. These exquisite blooms, intricately detailed, unfailingly unveil their timeless designs each year—a true gift from nature. The vivid colours and refined beauty of this collection are a direct reflection of the serene moments spent within the embrace of a Country Garden.

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A Notebook from India

Derived from Tigger's Indian voyages, these creations draw from her intricate hand-painted impressions during journeys across the subcontinent. For design aficionados, India proves utterly captivating, boasting surfaces adorned in patterns, woven from colours vivid and arresting. Explosions of brilliant pinks, oranges, and limes grace every corner. The unmistakable indigo of ancient pots, the mesmerising detail etched onto historic edifices, the mirrored ceilings within the Amber Palace, and the age-old, softly faded frescoes of the Udaipur Palace—all have breathed life into this assortment, still exuding a contemporary allure.

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A Traveller’s Journal

Following her passion for textiles, Tigger has had the immense privilege of discovering inspiring places throughout the world. Travels have taken her from the medinas in Morocco to the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul and textile museums across the world, all brimming with fascinating textiles of infinite design. A further great source of inspiration has been Positano in Southern Italy where the ceramic designs create a riot of colour and pattern. Her fascination lies in tracking design and textile evolution across history and civilizations, marvelling at their timeless allure amid ever-evolving modernity. These rich experiences fuel her artistic journey, infusing a tapestry of heritage into her creative expression.

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This wonderful collection of block printed designs originates from a much cherished antique folio purchased in Europe. Dating back to the early 19th century, these designs bear the imprint of tales spun by intrepid merchants journeying to the Far East alongside the Dutch East India Company. Although most creators lacked the privilege of firsthand encounters with distant lands and their exotic flora and fauna, they meticulously captured the essence of recounted tales. Originating from "Indienne," the French term for Indian, these designs initially mimicked imported Indian fabrics, adored for their enduringly vibrant hues. Their legacy endures as a testament to the artistry of the era.

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This collection draws its essence from an adored portfolio housing Jean Pillement's authentic hand-coloured prints dating back to the 1780s, a cherished acquisition from Germany. Jean Pillement, a luminary among French designers and artists, earned renown for disseminating Chinoiserie's allure across Europe, igniting a legacy that would infuse textile design for ages. Chinoiserie, an embodiment of Far Eastern aesthetics, blossomed from a fusion of Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian artistry in the 18th century. Resurrecting the opulent Chinoiserie and Botanical motifs, the designers are reimagined with Nine Muses hallmark jewel-toned palette, preserving the very essence of the era. The tome itself, weathered by time, now sheds a piece with each turned page, an evocative testament to its venerable history.

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Petit La Gamme

Inspired by an 18th Century French fabric sample book, which would have originally been wielded by fabric merchants to showcase their offerings, these designs find a home in settings more provincial than the chic confines of Parisian grandeur. Crafted from modest cotton and calico, textiles meant for the everyday abode, the designs have a strikingly contemporary allure, both in their style and colour palettes. We have lovingly reinvigorated these patterns, reshaping scale, repeat, and hues to suit the present, while paying homage to their enduringly modern essence.

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Small Threads

Crafted with the intention of weaving delicate threads that bind an interior scheme cohesively, this collection finds its genesis in a tapestry of diverse inspirations. The designs, borne from myriad encounters, bear witness to sources as varied as ceramic plates from London's Victoria & Albert Museum and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Old wooden printing blocks, etched with meticulous designs shaped by minute nails in a French Market, join hands with Mandalay monasteries, where mirrored columns tell tales of elegance. Remarkably modern, the geometric motifs reflect history's shaping influence, embodying an intriguing chronicle of form and essence.

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Travels From Sweden

Sparked by a visit to Stockholm's Svenskt Tenn studio, repository of the company's archives, this collection is an homage to the mastery of post-war Swedish artists and artisans in the realm of decorative arts. Founded in 1924 by Estrid Ericson, an art educator and pewter artist, Svenskt Tenn stands as a beacon of Swedish interior design. At the creative helm of this profoundly inspiring assemblage was Josef Frank, an Austrian-born architect, artist, and designer hailed as one of Sweden's foremost creative minds. Through vivid, audacious hues, modernist aesthetics, and enduring appeal, Svenskt Tenn impeccably captures the quintessence of Swedish design.

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